Ways to improve kidney function or reverse chronic kidney disease.

The goal of Chronic kidney disease- stage three treatment is to prevent further progression or stop further damage. There’s no specific cure for any stage of CKD, and you can’t reverse kidney damage.

Are there ways to improve kidney function or reverse chronic kidney disease?
Yes, Nature has its ways to restore kidney health. Diet, Home Remedies & Life Style Changes will help you to reverse kidney disease.

Those suffering from kidney problems, especially those still in their early stages of suffering, can assist their bodies in bringing it back to normalcy by following some natural remedial measures.

Control the Cause of the Disease

First, getting to know what is causing the kidney problem is crucial for getting control over it. If the problem is linked to hypertension, then tackling it by Diet. It will also get kidney functions back to normal.

Healthy Diet & Exercise

An increase in body weight, especially an increased waistline, is known to raise blood pressure levels. To lose those extra pounds, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help. Reducing salt intake, even a small reduction of it will go a long way in lowering blood pressure levels.

Control Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels causing kidney problems can be effectively controlled by choosing to eat foods that contain a low glycemic index, like avocados, carrots, corn, beans, lentils, legumes, peas, sweet potatoes, etc. Controlling the carbohydrate intake and increasing the consumption of dietary fibers will help lower blood sugar levels naturally.

Include more Garlic in your Diet

Garlic is found to lower fasting blood sugar levels from several studies done; hence, adding more Garlic to their regular meals will help manage their sugar levels.

Avoid Inflammation

Increased inflammation within the body system, leading to kidney disease, can be brought under proper control –

By adopting an anti-inflammatory diet. Including lots of fruits and vegetables, of varied colors, into their regular meal plans, consuming whole grains instead of the processed types, fatty fish intake, and nuts are considered part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Apart from this, avoiding the consumption of sugary foods, refined starch, fried foods, and dairy products will also work towards reducing the inflammation within the body system, and improving kidney functions.

Drink Water in Optimum Level

Consume plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and to improve kidney functions. However, overdoing it can stress out the kidneys and lead to problems. So, drinking water whenever hunger strikes or one begins to feel thirsty; before and after each meal, and during and after exercise is thought to be best. Reducing water intake before bedtime is, however, recommended.

Reduce Potassium & Phosphorus Intake

When the kidneys are not functioning in the manner that they are designed to, potassium, and phosphorous tends to build up within the body system. To decrease its levels, their intake should be lowered, which can be done by reducing the consumption of avocados, bananas, broccoli, cantaloupe, oranges, tomatoes, and raisins.

Reduce Protein

Increased protein intake can prove to be harmful to those suffering from any kidney disease. Animal protein is known to the damage already weak kidneys further; hence meat, especially red meat intake, should be lessened if not avoided.


Cranberries are seen as ‘a powerful cleanser of the kidneys.’ This natural food helps remove excess water and flush out the bacteria linked to causing infections in the urinary tract. Obtain organic cranberries, and with the help of a juice extractor, extract its juice and regularly consume to ensure that their kidneys continue to function efficiently.

Supplementing vitamins and minerals with special supplements will also be required to prevent kidney disease’s common side effects, like anemia or bone weakness.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.
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